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TV - Terrestrial Antennas and Satellite antenna systems

At Athelstone Antennas we pride ourselves on being efficient and affordable, displaying excellence through the clever use of technology and knowledge that our customers expect.

  • Do you have the right antenna for your suburb?
  • Have you upgraded to a digital antenna?
  • Are you protected against 4G mobile interference?
  • Spectrum analysis provides us with the best information, so we can recommend the best solution.


Additional services

At Athelstone Antennas we take pride in our great TV antenna service before, during and after purchase. We're always available to answer any questions you might have. We strive to ensure you understand how your products work and how to use them most effectively. We can advise you on how to get better TV reception with:

  • Installations of TV and Satellite receiving systems
  • Installation of computer network cabling
  • Installation of Telephone cabling, VOIP and ADSL connections

Communications solutions

David spent 19 years with Telecom/Telstra, then 15 years in IT.

Solving your telephony problem is a breeze, whether your situation is residential or multistory multi-campus.

Do you own a smart phone, but experience problems connecting to your home network?

Is your smart TV connected correctly and safely to your home network?

  • We diagnose WIFI and home network problems
  • We install telephone and ethernet(computer) cabling.
  • We install ADSL connections and central filters


Home Theatre Sales and Installations

We have access to a range of products not readily available in suburban stores.

We will design a complete home theatre system including projectors, TVs, amplifiers and speakers, then follow through with installation and training.

If you prefer we will install hardware that you have already purchased.

We use and recommend Yamaha home theatre amplifiers.

We install satellite speakers, wall or ceiling mounted speakers, or traditional furniture sized speakers.

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